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Dr. Sushrut Prabhudesai - Specialist in Dentistry

  • 2022
  • 4 mins
  • all age
  • 1936

1. If students of 10th or 12th are interested in dentistry or want to study it, which exams or how should they prepare themselves? 2. Can you tell us if there is any department in Dentistry? 3. Some may have learning opportunities in the rest of the department, but how do they learn to become dentists? 4. Can it be seen in children or students that he can become a dentist? 5. Can you give more detailed information about the dental college? 6. Detailed information about the Government Colleges and Private Colleges. 7. Are parallel or external courses available in the education stream, are those also in dentistry? 8. Some special advice for young dentists.