About Us

Local Bandhan is India’s 1st OTT platform for Guidance in मराठी. Our core objective is to provide Guidance to all age groups starting from students to retired people in episodes within 7mins. Local Bandhan has more than 100+ experts to guide you from all walks of life. Local Bandhan helps guide people to achieve their goals in a structured manner. Here on Local Bandhan we have direct answers to your questions. We have different genres that cater to various segments.

Few Other Verticals

1. Business Bandhan where our experts will help you set your business goal into reality with their expertise.

2. Expert Bandhan segment is where our experts will give you in-depth knowledge on specific topics. We will have different modules that will include Our USP of not more than 7mins videos.

3. Young Katta where Young Entrepreneurs who have an innovative product or an innovative Idea can come on our platform and display it through an Ad to find an Investor and anyone from Maharashtra who would like to invest in their product can connect with us.


If You have any queries or suggestions do write us on : info@localbandhan.com